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What's this? Who made this joke?
I dunno, someone just emailed it to me in a zip file nice.zip 


Your Head is the controller.

Pay nothing a dollar at least to buy the game. Because if you have an Oculus, you probably have some lying around (maybe under the couch? the cat's litter box?)

Put on your Oculus Rift and Play.

Or watch the video for free. (recommended if you do not have Oculus)

Not for the faint of heart. DO NOT play this if you have motion sickness.


  1. Bodega Man
  2. Coffee Cart Lady
  3. Sesame on the bagels mixed with tears of disappointment for not getting Everything.
  4. Team Recycling
  5. Recycling is important.
  6. Someone needs to fix problems made by those mummified oil guys
  7. Wait, they aren't dead yet? Ugh, typical Neoliberalism.


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Fury Machine (Oculus Rift) 96 MB